You UUs march in the 2011 Pride Parade in Washington, DCmay have already noticed that we are different from a typical church, temple, or synagogue. Unitarian Universalism is one of the few religions in which members are not told what to believe. Instead our programs offer challenging insights from many different traditions. No single faith possesses absolute answers to all the riddles of life. Unitarian Universalists find satisfaction in an open-ended journey of spiritual, personal, and intellectual growth: “To question is the answer.” Many of our members are of Christian or Jewish background, and some are still quite close to their roots in these great traditions. Others have studied the wisdom of the East, the sacred stories of indigenous peoples, the perspectives of humanism, agnosticism or atheism, or the discoveries of modern science. Despite these differences, we are united in our reverence for this world, here and now. Our concern for this present life leads us to value our sense of community at the Laguna Beach Fellowship. We are also involved with the larger world, by promoting peace, democracy, human rightLGBTQ Welcoming Congregations, social justice, and a sound global ecology. UUFLB welcomes everyone regardless of creed or religious background, race or sexual orientation.  Having met all the requirements, UUFLB  is certified by the Unitarian Universalist Assn. (UUA) as a WELCOMING CONGREGATION.   The Laguna Beach Fellowship is a living laboratory of unity-in-diversity. If you would enjoy this sort of spiritual and intellectual stimulation, we invite you to join us in the Unitarian Universalist adventure.  

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