Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963


Social Action Committee Meetings are held at the UU Fellowship of Laguna Beach regularly  after the Sunday service (all are welcome).  We uphold social action values through Education, Action, Advocacy, and Networking.   At UUFLB we believe in joining local and global efforts for justice, equity, human rights, and environmental protection.  Together we are improving the world.  Many of us are personally involved in these issues.

For more information on UU Social Action and bettering the world locally and globally, please visit the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee website or the Social Action page on the UU Association of Congregations website.
feeding homeless Paul Bogdan

feeding homeless Diedre Reed

feeding homeless Brian Daniels

**   Paul, Diedre, and Brian at the Laguna Beach ASL   **

FEEDING THE HOMELESS On the first and last Thursday of every month, volunteers from our congregation prepare food and serve dinner to the homeless at the Alternative Sleeping Area in the canyon.  There are other projects that take place during the year to help those in most need.  Come join us.

PRISON COSTS Diana Zuniga, Statewide Organizer for C.U.R.B (Californians United for a Responsible  Budget), speaks about Prison Costs in California and Orange County (video).  Community members gathered afterwards to confer and discuss the prison cost dilemma - abridged version / full version (video).  Learn more about the drug war and the prison situation in America:


December 10th, 2013 was the 65th anniversary of the signing of the UN Declaration of Human Rights:

National Religious Campaign Against Torture:


Join us for a Sandwich Sunday to discuss important issues such as water rights, immigration reform, and upcoming ballot issues.  Sandwich Sundays are a time set aside after the Service to ask questions of our guest speakers that come to talk about a variety of issues facing our community and world at large.


The Social Action table is setup in front of the church to provide information and resources about the current issues that UUFLB is networking to resolve.  There are many topics, including Immigration, Health Care, Prison Reform, Workers’ Rights, Water Rights, Ballot Issues, Drug Policies, and Reform of the Criminal Justice System.