June 10 – The Seasons, They Go ‘Round and ‘Round

Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez
Barbara Williams-Pemberton, Worship Associate

We have come ’round to the season for our annual Flower Communionas well as marking transitions in our lives, like school and college graduations, perhaps weddings, or acknowledging the losses of family or friends.  Every year, we each bring flowers to the service, create a beautiful bouquet and then take another flower home. By doing so, we demonstrate our unity in diversity, as well as our giving and receiving, which creates our community. This year, a little twist… consider the season of your life right now, and bring some kind of plant life to exchange that symbolizes that place for you; a packet of seeds, a tiny potted plant, a tomato start, some fresh berries, or flowers! These will be displayed on our chancel and everyone will take something home, different than what they brought.

June 24 – Contaminants in Recycling: Don’t Be Part of the Problem (Social Action Sunday)

Guest Speakers: Liz Avila, Laguna Beach City Senior Public Works Analyst/Solid Waste Program Coordinator; and Tatum Oliver, OC Waste Management Recycling, Outreach and Education Manager
Rachel Daniels, Worship Leader

We all agree that recycling is important and will reduce the amounts of waste and help manage precious resources. However, what if you are creating horrendous amounts of waste by contaminating the entire recycling bin and perhaps sabotaging your cities and neighbors entire recycling efforts without even knowing it. Come learn about recycling and contaminants from the experts. This Part 3 of the UUFLB Social Action Environmental Program series.