May 26 – From Sea Lions to Whales, PMMC Saves Lives

Wendy Leeds, Guest Speaker
Rachel Daniels, Worship Leader

Wendy Leeds is the Animal Care Coordinator at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. In our Laguna Canyon, the PMMC is making a difference in keeping our marine mammals healthy and safe. Learn more about the animals being rehabilitated at the Center as well as ways we can all help protect these animals in the wild. There are also many volunteer opportunities and education programs being offered at the Center. Come and be a part of the solution to keeping our marine mammal populations vigorous and safe.

June 2 – How to Make a Difference in Nicaragua

Noreen Kukkonen, Guest Speaker (and UUFLB Member)
Donna McCartney, Worship Associate

Noreen is back from Nicaragua, and ready to share with us her latest experiences. We donated a lot of clothing, shoes and other articles a few months ago and she will tell how she distributed our offerings and the impact they had on the population she serves. Come and expand your level of world understanding!