November 11 – Ancestors: Our Lineage, Our Legacy

Pam Flodman, Worship Associate

Based on a sermon by Maia Duerr  We are all part of history, connected to the human family and to our forebears. We receive many gifts from our ancestors, and yet we also inherit their wounds and challenges, which can be painful to acknowledge. What if, every time we speak with another person, we could hold both awareness and acceptance of this lineage of ancestors that we come from? Perhaps this could help us to understand each other better. Today, we’ll consider what it means to ‘stand in a stream of ancestors.’

November 18 – First Principle

Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez
Barbara Williams Pemberton, Worship Associate

“We covenant to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person” is our First Principle in Unitarian Universalism.” Together, let’s take a look at what this means for us as individuals and as a faith community. Please give some thought to whether this Principle offers you comfort, or a challenge, or affects you in any other way. I will be asking you during the service to talk among yourselves briefly and for a few people to share. Then, where do we begin to affirm and promote this Principle? I am suggesting that we do that “In Here”, tending to our own inherent worth so as to understand others.

November 25 – Working Man’s Blues, A Musical Program

Guest Musician, Peter Dobson
Rachel Daniels, Worship Associate

Get ready to be inspired, delighted, informed and entertained! Peter Dobson will perform soul-fulfilling blues on his guitar and bring new insights into the topic of labor and the blues as expressed through music. Peter Dobson is a virtuoso guitarist and long-time Laguna resident. Peter is a master of virtually all country blues styles and delivers one of the most unique and phenomenal voices to the blues.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the blues by a true master, and to delve into the musical world of the blues and the working man.