November 19 – Get Real. Give Thanks

Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez
Barbara Williams-Pemberton, Worship Associate

The reality of our complicated history as a nation and our current political atmosphere may make gratitude difficult at times. We will address that. However, without being able to give thanks for what we have been given, how may we be able to use our privileges to give to others who have less? We here at UUFLB have much for which to be grateful, not the least this community of loving, caring, supportive souls. Let’s be together on this Sunday before our national day of Thanksgiving to both give and receive our multiple blessings.

November 26 -The Blues

Peter Dobson, Guest Musician
Rachel Daniels, Worship Associate

Get ready to be inspired, delighted, informed and entertained! Peter Dobson will perform soul-fulfilling blues on his guitar and bring new insights into the topic of love as expressed in the blues. Peter Dobson is a virtuoso guitarist and long-time Laguna resident. Peter is a master of virtually all country blues styles and delivers one of the most unique and phenomenal voices to the blues.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the blues by a true master and delve into the musical world of the bluesand love.