March 1 – Who’s Who of UU

Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez

One of the most popular spots in our building is in front of our poster, “100 Famous Unitarian Universalists”. And, for good reason too. For such a relatively small faith tradition, the percentage of notables in literature, education, the arts, science, politics, and social justice, who have been Unitarian and/or Universalists, is extraordinarily high. Even if you have looked at that poster a dozen times, it is easy to come back and be astounded once again about who we are. In my next sermon series, beginning this Sunday, we will explore who these folks are, how they are connected with our faith, and why knowing this is important to us. Just for fun too, this Sunday we’ll ask what does this have to do with “Frankenstein”? Come find out and, oh, please bring your friends. All are welcome.

March 8 – What Matters Most

Donna McCartney, Worship Leader

Let’s explore the topics of freedom and responsibility together. Did you exercise your responsibility as a citizen on Super Tuesday? Why is voting so important? What kind of voter are your? Why should we consider being a values voter? The work that Unitarian Universalists around the country and in your neighborhood are doing this election year is the work of building the beloved community. How can we all contribute to developing our beloved UUFLB and nation in the coming months? This is one of the most consequential elections of our lifetimes. How can we responsibly take action in the time between now and November?