You may already know Unitarian Universalism is a liberal religion, accepting and appreciative of diversity.  Our historical roots are Christian but UUs today draw on a rich diversity of religious and philosophical traditions.

When do you have worship services?
Every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. we have our normal worship service. There are other events and activities throughout the week.  You can view the calendar on our home and calendar pages for details about activities the fellowship provides.  When the minister is not in the pulpit we have guest speakers who are community or religious representatives, or may be one of our members.

What is a normal Sunday worship service like?
Our worship time consists of many of the same traditional activities that you would find in other religious congregations, along with some that might be new to you. We usually start our services by welcoming each other and listening to the music prelude before being called to worship. The singing of hymns, responsive readings and the sharing of joys and sorrows are also part of our normal Sunday worship. We often have an intergenerational time that includes story telling for the children–but which also is enjoyed by teen and adult members.  The main portion of our worship is the sermon provided by our minister or a lecture given by a guest speaker. We conclude the service with coffee, conversation and treats where we welcome the chance to get to know any new visitors.

Do I need to do anything special on my first visit?
We would only like the chance to greet you and welcome you to our community. In front of the church there will be a table setup where our greeters welcome new visitors and answer any questions they might have. We encourage you to let our greeters know that you are visiting for the first time.

Is there a particular dress code for worship service?
We are a casual Fellowship for the most part. Some of our members attend services dressed in their Sunday finest while other come casually dressed in jeans and t-shirts. We encourage the children to come dressed for comfort in any case. How you decide to dress is not as important as you deciding to come join us for service.

Who are welcomed to join in worship at your Fellowship?
We are an open and loving community. All are welcome to join no matter their religious background, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Our congregation is a “Welcoming Congregation” which affirms and promotes the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.

How do I get to the church?
We are located at 429 Cypress Drive in the beautiful city of Laguna Beach. For specific directions and a map of our location you can visit the Contact Info page in the “Visitors” menu above. Street and metered parking is located around the church. Handicap parking is available. Be aware that Cypress Drive is a one-way street when you are looking for the church and parking.

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