Our Minister and Staff


Reverend Lee Marie Sanchez Standing on the Side of Love

You are loved right here and right now,  just the way you are. Each of us is on our own unique solo spiritual journey, and yet we are together.

Welcome & Welcome Home.

Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez comes to us with more than 23 years of experience as a religious professional, including as a minister, Director of Religious Education in Washington State, and as a hospital and hospice chaplain for two large medical centers.  More than 10 years ago, she served as UUFLB’s Religious Education Consultant for Children and Youth.

Rev. Lee Marie received her Masters of Divinity degree from our Unitarian Universalist seminary, Meadville/Lombard School of Theology.  Over the years she has preached in 53 of our Unitarian Universalist congregations, in 3 states. Rev. Lee Marie loves the beautiful, welcoming spirit of our Fellowship, anchored by the beauty of Laguna Beach. She has been involved in numerous social justice activities here, especially support for anti-oppression issues, immigration rights, and marriage equality. Her life-long interest in diversity and interfaith issues well matches UUFLB’s decades-long and deep involvement in social action, as well as our continuing interest in world religions.  Rev. Lee Marie believes that one can be Spiritual and Religious. “Spirituality” is the relationship one has with oneself, with others, and with that “something more than ourselves,” by whatever name you wish.  Being part of a religious community brings us the connection, the support and the mutual caring we all need; we can do so much more together than we can alone.

She has many personal interests that include dancing, drumming, singing, listening to music, attending theater and concerts.  She also enjoys the daily spiritual practices of mindful meditation and walking along our beautiful beaches.


CAROLE COLE, Music Director

As our Music Director, Carol enjoys working with the UUFLB choir and congregation in making wonderful music for all to enjoy.  She received her Masters Degree in Voice Performance from the University of Southern California and has worked performing professionally in a variety of venues, including musical theater, opera, jazz and pop stages.  During the week, Carol  teaches private piano and voice lessons and also continues to perform for special events and enjoys grooming students who wish to pursue careers in music and performing.  Carol loves spending time with her family, friends and her beloved horses.  She invites everyone to join the UUFLB choir in sharing our music (practice begins 9:30 a.m. before the Sunday services).


PEGGY MEARS, Office Administrator

PeggPeggy Mears Office Administratory Mears serves as our Office Administrator.  Before joining UUFLB, she worked in a variety of positions in arts management, cultural and community affairs.  She has produced numerous award-winning stories for National Public Radio.  She is proud of her years of experience in community service as a volunteer.  Peggy is very happy to be living in Laguna Beach again for the first time since her college years, and enjoys every minute with her grown son and daughter and first grandchild.

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